We Are Honored to Support the Following Operations

Judith and Chanowk Yisrael of @yisraelfamilyfarm in Sacramento
Ashley and Travis Vellis of @ashleysseafood in Arcata
Miguel Gastelum of @indigenousfarms in Camino
Helena and Matthew Sylvester of @happyacrefarm in Sunol
Megan Strom and Juan Gonzalez of @mesaagricola in Valley Center
Erin and Brennan Roscoe of @fox_sparrow_farm_petaluma in Petaluma

Leonard Vargas of in San Diego
Zee Husain of @kula.nursery in Berkeley
Byron Nkhoma of @hukamaproduce in Ramona

If you are interested in reading a few of the winners' grant applications, please visit our Successful Application Examples page to help guide you as you consider applying.